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iRT introduce the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) System for the Radiation Therapy.

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Integral Quality Monitor - make radiotherapy more accurate and safer

iRT was founded to introduce the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) System to the Radiation Therapy community. IQM represents a paradigm shift in Radiation Therapy verification: fully automated, real-time verification of all complex treatment techniques.

Unrivaled accuracy

Real-time results

Without any user interaction

IQM is clinically proven to be effective


Publications Accuracy that you can rely on. Verification that you can trust


Reference Sites
IQM has been thoroughly evaluated by some the world’s leading radiation therapy centers


IQM Systems in clinical use all over the world.
One device for all of your QA tasks. Fully automatically. Without any user interaction

  • Real-time verificationDuring the patient treatment. When it really matters
  • Unrivaled accuracyFor even the most complex treatment techniques.
  • Completely integratedAutomated background monitoring. Without any user interaction.
  • 2 minutesAutomated reference calculation with independent algorithm
  • Every 200msHigh resolution data acquisition. Air-Kerma corrected

Fraction QA with IQM

The world's first intra-fractional verification system.

Conventional verification always means verifying results. The result of the treatment plan calculation is compared with the result of the verification measurement, after the fact. IQM is the first verification system that verifies your treatment delivery as a process, as it unfolds. Every stage of the delivery process is verified in real-time.

Total quality control. With unrivaled accuracy. When it matters most.

Plan QA with IQM

Reduce your treatment planning time with IQM

IQM uses the actual patient plan for plan QA. Simply export the DicomRT plan data to IQM. One click. Done. No need to create a verification plan. No need to copy and paste the treatment beams from the patient plan to the verification plan. No need to calculate the dose distribution for the verification plan. Focus your valuable time on developing the best possible treatment plan for the next patient.

20 min

Time saving per plan


VMAT plans per year


TPS time saving per year

Machine QA with IQM

Machine QA with IQM

Verify the accuracy of your treatment delivery like never before. Plan-based. With highest accuracy. Fully automatically in real-time.

Load. Deliver. Done.

Plan your Machine QA.
IQM replaces device-oriented machine QA with plan-based machine QA.

Create and store any QA protocol as a treatment plan.
Machine QA based on user definable plans. Fast. Efficient. Limitless.

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Maximum possibilities with IQM

400 hours TPS time

IQM uses the actual patient plan. No verification plan needed.

200 hours Linac time

No setup time. No calibration. No time for alignment. No system preparation.

600 hours staff time

Treatment verification in real-time. No post processing or analysis.

IQM Technology Specifications

Ion chamber volume


Air Kerma correction

Built-in Thermometer and Barometer

Active Size

26.5cm x 26.5cm

Inclinometer (built-in)

Inclinometer resolution: 0.1°
Gantry / collimator angle resolution: 1°

Minimal / Maximum Field

Size: Unlimited to 40cm x 40cm


4 Lithium-Ion batteries (medical device certified)
Battery life: >24 hours

Detector Resolution

Continuous spatial resolution


45cm x 35cm x 3.5cm
(17.7” x 13.8” x 1.37”)

Energy range

Photon energies from 1MV to unlimited (including FFF)

Weight (incl. battery)

4.3kg (9.48lb)

Dynamic range

Between 50 counts / minute and 5.000.000 counts / minute

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For consultation or a complete catalog, leave your phone number and our manager will contact you shortly.



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