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Vision RT - more effective radiotherapy

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Vision RT - innovative technologies of radiotherapy

Safe, accurate and more comfortable
Vision RT provides motion control for hypofractionation and delivery of higher doses in fewer sessions. Such a technique is becoming more and more common in radiotherapy due to increased accuracy and reduced risk for the patient.

With Vision RT, clinics can implement techniques such as deep breath hold (DIBH), stereotaxic radiosurgery (SRS), stereotaxic body radiation therapy (SBRT), and tattoo- and stain-free radiation therapy – with increased safety, precision and patient comfort.

Vision RT - inventor of SGRT

SGRT - Surface Guided Radiation Therapy


More than 2000 systems are used in the world

15 of 15

15 of the top 15 cancer clinics in the US use our systems


Proven clinical results in more than 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals


Vision RT - pioneer of SGRT from first principles with more than 70 granted patents.


AlignRT is at the center of Vision RT’s Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) solutions. AlignRT is a system that allows you to tracks a patient’s position before and during radiation therapy, to aid in setup and treatment accuracy.

An entirely contact-free and non-invasive technology, AlignRT uses 3D stereo cameras to track the skin’s surface and compare it to the ideal position in the treatment plan.

AlignRT track the position with submillimeter accuracy and can automatically signal for the treatment delivery system to pause the radiation beam if the patient moves out of the desired position. It eliminates the need for radiation therapy tattoos or headframes and closed masks for SRS.

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MapRT is new solution from Vision RT is intended to make non-coplanar treatments fast, easy and safe. MapRT uses SGRT to deliver a “clearance map”, which planners use to check which beams are deliverable during plan creation.

Unlike other clearance checkers, MapRT images the entire surface of the patient and accessories to detect collisions in the most frequent problem areas such as elbows. In addition, the clearance map checks safety for all couch and gantry angles, so planners have guidance to increase couch kicks and lengthen arcs – for better plans with confidence in delivery.

*Note that traditionally, non-coplanar treatments are resource-intensive, requiring extra planning and machine time, both for dry runs and treatments. Our solution avoids these problems.

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Our 3D cameras are trusted for their accuracy and efficiency by cancer centers globally. Horizon cameras is more than 2,000 systems in clinical use and 20 years of experience in SGRT.

Horizon cameras with AlignRT Advance software create new possibilities for radiation therapy.

  • Work every angle for optimal treatment plans.
  • Automatic dry run before every treatment.
  • Enables real-time beam visualization with DoseRT™.

DoseRT - innovation camera

  • 8MP wide field of view capability
  • Widest projection coverage
  • Cherenkov Imaging compatible
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Revolutionize Treatment with Real-Time Dose Visualization & Patient Position Monitoring

DoseRT is a breakthrough technology that combines Cherenkov Imaging with AlignRT® and Horizon cameras, providing real-time visualization of dose delivery and patient positioning to prevent errors and improve clinical outcomes.

DoseRT provides real-time in-vivo images of dose delivery while monitoring patient positioning to ensure treatment quality.

Cherenkov imaging has been clinically tested on breast, head & neck, lung, and SRS.

DoseRT in monitor

Dose Visualization Can Help Prevent Treatment Errors In Real Time

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