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SIT - innovative solutions for
IOeRT and Flash RT

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SIT - innovation for radiotherapy

Three innovative SIT products that make treatment more effective and precise

S.I.T. – Sordina IORT Technologies SPA has the primary objective of full customer satisfaction and compliance with regulatory and legal requirements in the activity of:

Design, manufacture and technical assistance of particle accelerators for medical use and related accessories (applicators, discs, radiation protection barriers, software and treatment planning systems).

The main products of SIT is: ElectronFlash, Liac HWL, IORT ECHO TPS


SIT is the patent-holder and provider of an innovative high-performance technological solution for FLASH RT.

Today thanks to ElectronFlash, SIT confirms its commitment to contribute and invest at full speed in clinical research and radiation therapy.

The system is able to operate in a controlled setup based on an accurate dosimetry calibrated according to clinical standards.

ElectronFlash is more than just a device: it is a solid technological platform to be operated similar to clinical standard settings specifically designed for FLASH radiation therapy research.


Liac HWL

LIAC HWL is the latest and most advanced model of SIT mobile electron linear accelerators: a reliable device to implement a modern and successful IOeRT program.

LIAC HWL has been specifically designed in order to minimize scatter radiation.

No additional barrier, fixed or mobile is needed inside the operating room. The new design allows the highest possible workload: over 300 patients per year without any additional shielding in a standard operating room.

The latest technology developments were applied to LIAC HWL to offer the user a superior stability. SIT systems make the difference for their stability and LIAC HWL even elevates the threshold up to a level never seen before.



The need of a TPS for IOeRT comes from the intrinsic impossibility of exploiting the pre-operative diagnostic imaging (such as patient CT) to simulate dose delivery.

Actual dose delivery is performed immediately after tumour removal, that is to say, after a substantial morphological modification of the target tissue.

SIT has proposed a smart and attractive digital solution to upgrade IOeRT clinical practice, the IORT ECHO TPS.

The system is based on optical tracking and navigation; it allows the selction of the area of interest, 3D real-time imaging acquisition (Echo or CT), 3D contouring and 3D planning, 3D dose calculation and DVH evaluation, Image-guided docking, DVH re-evaluation for TPS validation and treatment execution.


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State registration number: 01-09-325412

Tax number: 26347578243

D-U-N-S number: 401246599

Address: 1133 Budapest Váci út 76, T2 földszint

Tel: +36 70 355 99 85

Mob tel.: +36 70 621 62 13


Contact: Zoltan Biro

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