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Innovation digital X-ray Vision from NMTG

The Visaris X-ray product provides crystal clear imaging of all imaging anatomy at significantly lower doses than film and CR devices.

Lower dose - clearer image

With Visaris you can use direct digital acquisition with optimally adjusted, anatomy specific imaging.
Actually Visaris makes a high level of images with easy controls of all system components, enables high level of exam automation and lower doses compared to film and CR devices.
Vasaris has a wide range of X-ray equipment models, which allows you to choose the best device for your clinic or medical center.


Vision U

High performance digital imaging

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Vision V

Flexible design for optimal results

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Vision X

Simple and effective

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Overhead X-ray

Vision C is a universal digital radiography system with fully modular stand design configurable to all diagnostic radiography needs. Available in fully motorised auto-positioning configuration with manual override capable of practically all radiographic techniques or in more affordable manual configurations Vision C can be tailored to your specific needs. Automated system positioning, exam set-up, acquisition and archiving on the Vision C provides unparalleled imaging efficiency, experience and diagnostic accuracy.

The base of Vision C is a highly mobile, light weight, overhead tube stand that can be combined with a range of patient table options and detector stands using combinations of fixed and portable detectors.

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Best prices and service

NMTG offers a wide range of X-ray equipment, including Vision equipment and software. Extensive experience in the field of equipment for medical centers as well as qualified specialists allow us to work with leading clinics in Europe.

All medical equipment that we provide you can get quickly and at the best price.


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